We Learn began as an IMLS-funded partnership between Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP), Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU), Detroit Public Library, Multnomah County Library, and Onondaga Free Library. This project builds upon the success of P2PU and Chicago Public Library’s learning circles model, and aims to increase access to free, high quality social learning opportunities by supporting community members to be the leaders.

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Frequently asked questions

What is We Learn?

We Learn is social learning that is supported by the library but powered by community members.

We Learn programs involve a group of people who meet to learn something together. These programs are:

  • Open to the public
  • Free for participants
  • Recurring

These learning groups may be led by a peer facilitator, a fellow community member, or a person who has special skills or knowledge. In any instance, the programs are meant to be flexible and to fit into each participants’ life experience..

What personal information do I need to provide to participate?

We Learn facilitators use resources created by P2PU to manage registration, advertise programs, and community members, and keep in touch with participants.

Participants do not need to create an account with Peer 2 Peer University. You can sign up for a learning circle with your name and phone number and/or email address. This information is only used by your facilitator to contact you. If you would like to create a learning circle, then you need to create a P2PU account. Additional questions related to user privacy can be answered by contacting support@p2pu.org.

Does it cost money to participate?

No, We Learn programs are always free.

What is Peer 2 Peer University?

P2PU is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in California in the United States, with team members in the US, Canada, and South Africa. The mission of the organization is to create equitable, empowering, and liberating alternatives to mainstream higher education. The majority of funding for P2PU comes from philanthropic and public sources including Institute of Museum and Library Services, Open Society Foundations, Siegel Family Endowment, and Knight Foundation. P2PU also accepts donations and offers a variety of services to organizations that are looking to develop thriving nonformal education communities.

How can I get involved as a facilitator?

Check out our facilitator resources to get started.